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Flying private is a smart decision for executives always on the go. Even if your company doesn’t have the resources for its own fleet of private aircraft, you can charter jets at a fraction of the cost. In many instances, chartering a plane may be comparable in price with flying business class on a commercial jetliner, but comes with many of its own perks:

  • No time in the airport: Instead of standing with the droves in TSA lines or spending hours waiting on a layover, you can make the best use of your valuable time by flying private. Get dropped off right on the tarmac and get underway within minutes on a direct flight to your destination.
  • Conduct business on board: With more space to breathe and without the sound of wailing babies or annoying commercial airline patrons, you can use your time on board to get work done. Conduct meetings with colleagues or clients from the comfort of your spacious seat or boot up and check your emails using the speedy WiFi.
  • On demand flights: If you need to make last minute travel arrangements, commercial airliners can prove difficult to book. They may be sold out or you might find yourself limited to crummy departure or travel times. With private charter, you can book a last-minute flight within mere hours of your desired departure time.

If you’re ready to book your executive travel, contact Business Aircraft Group now. We’ll connect you with the charter company nearest you for fast, convenient service to your destination.